Act to represent you. Vote for the pair you trust!

Download the AASGO Profession of Faith here

Acting as an influential player on the Board of Directors

Finally, increase employee share ownership to at least 10%, so that they can have a significant influence on Board decisions in the interests of employee shareholders, by proposing and supporting :

  • The regularity of sales of shares reserved for employees, including internationally, with discounts and matching contributions, and payment facilities,
  • An increase in payments (company contribution) for employee investments in the Orange Actions and Orange Ambition international FCPE* funds.

Promoting environmental and social issues on the Board of Directors

  • A common base of remuneration and minimum guarantees for all across the Group’s geographies,
  • Indexation of variable pay to climate and environmental impacts for senior executives,
  • Parity and gender balance in management bodies,
  • A desire to affirm Orange’s roots in France by ensuring the sovereignty and resilience of our infrastructures, while preserving strategic jobs,
  • Telecoms and digital technology are the drivers of progress, and we are committed to promoting technology that is inclusive and beneficial to all.

Acting to support an attractive, balanced and reasonable sharing of the value created

  • Find an acceptable dividend balance to distribute the wealth created in the interests of all stakeholders, while preserving the financial interests of employee shareholders,
  • Ensuring the company’s long-term viability and competitiveness through long-term investment to support the industrial project,
  • Propose a 10% bonus dividend for long-term shareholders to ensure shareholder and equity stability.

Our candidacy represents 60% of the votes cast by employee shareholders,
Our candidacy is united and diversified,
Our candidacy is experienced and certified,
Our candidacy brings value.

Elected for a four-year term, your director represents employee shareholders. He is one of the guarantors of the collegiality of the work of all 15 members of the Board of Directors in the service of Employees, Shareholders, Customers and Suppliers, by bringing interests together.

The two AASGO candidates

Full member : Nadia ZAK CALVET

Deputy Central Union Delegate CFDT in charge of employee savings and employee shareholding.

His career

Chair of the Supervisory Board of FCPE Orange Actions since 2018.
Member of the Supervisory Boards of PEG and PERCO.
Member of historical associations (AASGO/ACSED).
Deputy Secretary of the global group committee.
Member of the European group committee bureau.
Member of the international alliance UNI Orange.
Certified Board Member by SciencesPo.
Member of the French Institute of Directors.

As the leading representative union in France, the CFDT acts:

  • For an Economic, Environmental, and Social Contract,
  • For a sustainable business development model,
  • For quality jobs


By supporting an experienced and competent duo, the CFDT works towards representative shareholder democracy

Alternate : Marc MAOUCHE

Regional Delegate of Orange in Normandy

His career

President of AASGO since 2015.
Founding member of AASGO in 1997.
Elected member of the Supervisory Board of FCPE Orange Actions.
Director of Orange Participations.
Certified Board Member by Sciences-Po.
Member of the French Institute of Directors.
Member of ASCED (Amicale des Cadres Supérieurs et Dirigeants d’Orange).
Former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of FCPE Orange Actions.
Former Director of Orange SA representing employee shareholders.
Former member of the Higher Council for Employee Shareholding.

For 26 years, AASGO, independent from trade unions and political organizations, has been defending the interests of employee shareholders within Orange and with public authorities, promoting shareholder democracy, and supporting candidates committed to the development of employee shareholding by seeking collaborations


William Coker supports us

William Coker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the FCPE* Orange Ambition International, supports
a duo that understands and takes into account the international challenges of the group, and is committed to the development of employee shareholding in all Orange subsidiaries worldwide.’

*FCPE Fonds Commun de Placement d’entreprise (company mutual fund)


Election calendar: 1st round: from January 22 to 26, 2024. 2nd round from February 5 to 9, 2024. 1 share/share = 1 vote

The Orange Board of Directors decides on all decisions relating to the Group’s major orientations and ensures their implementation. It is made up of 15 members: 7 independent directors, 3 State representatives, 3 staff representatives and 1 director representing shareholder staff.